Tamed Pict is a fork of the original Pict programming language that supports object-capability security model.

There is a short description what and how it was achieved.

- Debian users can install tamed-pict compiler, its standard library and accompanying documentation from our repository.
- All other Linux users can try this (if you fail please let us know):
    # Go to a convenient directory.
    cd /tmp

    # Download the source code tarball.
    wget http://www2.fiit.stuba.sk/~kosik/src/tamed-pict.tar.gz

    # Install software that is needed for building app parts of Tamed Pict.
    apt-get install ocaml docbook-to-man texlive-generic-recommended texlive-latex-recommended transfig dia noweb

    # tar xvzf tamed-pict.tar.gz
    # cd tamed-pict
    # make install

- tutorial
- language definition
- standard library

Software implemented in this language:
- DC1
- sandboxed ping