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Modeling Temporal Dynamics of User Preferences
in Recommenders

Adaptive applications for social web require design of models, which allow users effective information access. These models are often adapted for current users’ characteristics (e.g. knowledge) and context (e.g. time).

Prediction and recommendation systems are generally based on models of users’ preferences. These systems analyze patterns of user preferences in items to provide personalized recommendations of items that will correspond with user’s taste. However, these preferences are usually treated as constant over time and ignore temporal dynamics of user interests. Research in temporal information retrieval provides many issues and challenges such as retrieving temporal summaries for documents, determining temporal similarity, temporal clustering, spatio-temporal information extraction and searching in time.

Recommendation systems based on temporal IR methods evaluate temporal similarity of content, i.e. there is a goal to retrieve temporal similar content that is contemporary to the target content (documents). For example, there is a need to identify if one document is subinterval of another document and predict which content is likely to change over time. There are many interesting issues how to determine the lifespan of a main event or detect trending events, too. For example, in a system where users rank items using star rating technique, a user that used to indicate a neutral preference by a “3 stars” input, may suddenly indicate disappointment by the same “3 stars” feedback.

The goal of our research is creating methods for modeling user preferences for building a recommender system. We expect user preferences to change over time. This includes new temporal information retrieval methods.

supervised by: prof. Mária Bieliková

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