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News:  Imagine Cup 2011 Worldwide Finals in New York City - We won the third place in the Game Design (Web) category!

The Green Game - More Green More Fun

developed by Quegee Team

The Green Game is an online multiplayer strategy game developed using Silverlight. The players’ goal is to solve common environmental issues of a town such as air pollution or growing energy demands. Instead of traditional and well known solutions to problems, our game focuses heavily on new exciting technologies, intelligent devices and unusual ideas. However, these solutions with all their consequences are not directly available to players, as they themselves have to discover hidden positive and negative consequences of the provided solutions. Real world problems are addressed in the game, but they are simplified and made more attractive with the primary goal being environmental awareness and user enjoyment.

Players can play the game in classical strategy game mode, where they develop their game worlds, or they can try to solve predefined tasks and face new challenges, discover new technologies, explore possibilities, unfold players’ abilities to cope with disasters, but most importantly have fun. They can solve tasks cooperatively by exchanging resources, experience and knowledge with other players. Players can also utilize funny challenges that help them to solve difficult problems not only with their minds but with swift actions too. Players’ games continuously run on the server, so games do not end when players leave the game. Players discover consequences of their actions in time and they can continue their games wherever they are. While they are away, their games are safe from disasters and their game worlds continue to progress the way players left them.

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Why The Green Game?

We have had two main reasons to participate in Imagine Cup. One was that ecological problems cause climate changes that affect our daily lives. Another one was the big challenge to compete with many great teams from all over the world.

The combination of education and fun was a great challenge, which inspired us to develop a game, which would increase the ecological awareness of players. However, players should not perceive the game as an educational tool, but rather become subconsciously educated by playing the game. We were also greatly inspired by amazing new technologies, which could revolutionize our world. We thus aimed to create a game that could continuously provide novel possibilities and “never-ending” entertainment, so that players would always return to play the game again.

> The Green Game is in development, but you can TRY IT! <

Quegee Team - the ball is in your court!

  • Members
    • Eduard Kuric
    • Vladimír Mihál
    • Karol Rástočný
  • Mentor
    • Michal Tvarožek
In the photo from left to right: Michal Tvarožek, Karol Rástočný, Vladimír Mihál, Eduard Kuric (me)

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