RoboCup at FIIT'04

Soccer simulation league regional tournament in Bratislava

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    Registered teams

Final rankings:

Place Team
1. DreamTeam
3. Stjupit Dox
4. Granko
5. Deravá kopačka
without rank L.A.S.T. United Senior
L.A.S.T. United 2
Zombie flesh eaters

Partial results are listed below

The matches were held on 25th May 2004 in the C117 room. In the morning, the matches of two groups in the first round were played in parallel.
From the A group, three teams advanced to the final round: Deravá kopačka, SKLO, HUXOL.
From the B group, three teams advanced to the final round: DreamTeam, Stjupit Dox, Granko.
After a short lunch break, the tournament continued with the final matches, which decided about tournament winners.
First place was awarded to the team DreamTeam, which defeated other 4 teams in the final round and lost one match.
Second place was awarded to the team SKLO with 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 lost.
Third place was awarded to the team Stjupit Dox with 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 lost.

Great atmosphere was created by competing teams, but also by a many spectators, who came to support their favourite team or to watch interesting matches. Many exciting but also funny situations appeared in the matches and the spectators usually reacted like it would be a "normal" human match.

Team presentations were held on 27th May 2004 in the DE150 room. Teams informed about improvements and new ideas, which they used in the players. Many good ideas and improvements of players skills were presented and also some simple, but very effective changes to a player surprised the audience.

The exhibition for the public at afternoon provided the public with a better sight into the world of simulated soccer. The public was very interested in simulated soccer, what was proved by many questions from the visitors. Also the matches were very interesting for the public. The 3D view drew attention by its complexity and similarity with real soccer, while using the 2D view the visitors could better understand the tactics and collaboration of the players, as well as related problems.

We consider the tournament and related events to be a success and we hope that the next tournament planed for May 2005 will be at least as successful.
Together with participating teams we decided to organise unofficial faculty tournaments during the semester, which should improve the players development. First unofficial tournament is planned for the second half of October 2004.

We would like to thank to members of the L.A.S.T. United team for their valuable help with organising the tournament.

We thank to all teams for participating and we congratulate to the winners.

1st round:

Group A:
SKLO Deravá kopačka L.A.S.T. United 2 HUXOL mangoteam
SKLO 0:0 2:0 1:0 1:0
Deravá kopačka 0:0 15:0* 1:0 5:1
L.A.S.T. United 2 0:2 0:15* 0:10 1:1
HUXOL 0:1 0:1 10:0 1:0
mangoteam 0:1 1:5 1:1 0:1
Group A - rankings:
Team Points Score
Deravá kopačka 10 21:1
SKLO 10 4:0
HUXOL 6 11:2
mangoteam 1 2:8
L.A.S.T. United 2 1 1:28
Group B:
L.A.S.T. United Senior Stjupit Dox DreamTeam Granko Zombie flesh eaters
L.A.S.T. United Sr. 0:1 0:4 0:2 10:0*
Stjupit Dox 1:0 0:0 0:0 0:0
DreamTeam 4:0 0:0 2:1 1:1
Granko 2:0 0:0 1:2 1:1
Zombie flesh eaters 0:10* 0:0 1:1 1:1
Group B - rankings:
Team Points Score
DreamTeam 8 7:2
Stjupit Dox 6 1:0
Granko 5 4:3
L.A.S.T. United Sr. 3 10:7
Zombie flesh eaters 3 2:12

Final round:

Deravá kopačka SKLO DreamTeam HUXOL Stjupit Dox Granko
Deravá kopačka 0:1 1:2 1:0 1:3 0:1
SKLO 1:0 2:0 0:0 0:2 1:0
DreamTeam 2:1 1:2 4:1 3:0 2:0
HUXOL 0:1 0:0 1:4 0:0 0:0
Stjupit Dox 3:1 2:0 0:3 0:0 1:1
Granko 1:0 0:1 0:2 0:0 1:1
Final round - rankings:
Team Points Score
DreamTeam 12 12:4
SKLO 10 4:3
Stjupit Dox 8 6:5
Granko 5 2:4
Deravá kopačka 3 3:7
HUXOL 3 1:5