Software Architecture 2023/24

Taught by: doc. Ing. Valentino Vranić, PhD.
Asistents: Ing. Tomáš Frťala, PhD., Ing. Mohammad Daud Haiderzai, and Ing. Viktor Matovič
Study type: Master's
Study program: Intelligent Software Systems
Term: winter
Weekly hours (lectures–exercises): 2-2
Completion: exam
Credits: 6

The objective of this course is to provide students with an opportunity to gain different perspectives on reasoning about software architecture as a fundamental notion in software development. The course strives to show that software architecture is much more than schematic architectural styles known from early days. It shows how software architecture can be dealt with using pattern languages, how it is connected to people organization, how to keep it lean, and more. Students learn all this also via their own practical work and intense discussions.

Valentino Vranić
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