Valentino Vranić. Organizational Patterns: Elements of Reusable Agile (and Lean) Organization of Software Development. Lecture given at Singidunum University, Belgrade, Serbia, October 2018.
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Agile community is in a constant struggle to convince adversaries of its relevance and to spread the agile knowledge to adepts. But the community is not sufficiently aware of a very strong means it has at disposal: organizational patterns. Each organizational pattern describes a particular puzzling organizational situation that tends to recur in different contexts and gives a clue how to resolve it: Architect Also Implements, Customer Controls Product, or even Community of Trust, which is at heart of Scrum. Complete agile organizations can be built by a stepwise application of organizational patterns and maintained further. Problems in existing organizations can be resolved by applying appropriate organizational patterns. In this lecture, we will see how agile software development is not something we need to learn with huge efforts, but rather something we need to become aware of recollecting it from our own experience.


Valentino Vranić
vranic at stuba.sk