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In the sixties of last century the concept of software engineering was introduced, resulting in establishing standardized approaches and practices to software development. Software development however cannot work by itself without proper management. In times when software solutions are deployed to both large and small scale businesses and to other parts of our daily lives, the importance of management gets even bigger. The effort spent on creating and maintaining software solutions can be streamlined with sensible controlling. That is why any software engineer has to have not only sufficient technical knowledge but also has to possess a set of managerial skills.

This presentation contains essays that the students have written during the 2012/13 semester within the Management of software and information system projects course. The aim was to study specific topics from the field of software engineering with additional focus on management of a software project, discuss on open problems and present them via the form of an essay. The scope of the project and topics are designed to go along with two semester long project provided in courses Team Project I and II where students have an opportunity to participate in the TP CUP Competition.

The essays offer a view on seven areas of project management and extend them with own views and experiences. The students describe them as potential managers of software projects, while at the same time widening their own knowledge in the area. The specific topics were:
  • Quality management
  • Risk management
  • Scheduling and planning management
  • Development support management
  • Project monitoring
  • Communication management
  • Documentation management
Thanks to Michal Barla, Jakub Šimko, Marián Šimko and Ivan Srba for guiding the students and counseling on their essays, Marek Račev for making this web presentation and to students for their (often) very inspiring ideas and open spirit towards the whole course.
Mária Bieliková
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