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Echo-state network simulator (Matlab code)
New version of the ESN simulator.

Recurrent neural network simulator (Matlab code)
RNN simulator for custom recurrent multi-layer perceptron network architecture.
RNN contructors avialable for:

  • Elman's simple recurrent neural ntwork
  • Williams and Zipser's fully recurrent network
RNN training algorithms avialable:
  • Backpropagation
  • Backpropagation through time
  • Real-time recurrent learning
  • Extended Kalman Filter - backpropagation through time approach for linearization
  • Extended Kalman Filter - Real-time recurrent approach for linearization

Simple language generator (Java)
Can be used for generating simple regular and context free languages, and also for Monte-Carlo estimation of language entropy. See short description how to use.

Fractal prediction machine tool (Matlab code)
Next-symbol prediction tool based on fractal representation of histories of input symbols in RNN-like (Recurrent Neural Network) state space. See fpmdemoreber.m orfpmdemolaser.m for more detailes.

Echo-state network simulator (OOP Matlab code)
Obsolete version of the ESN simulator. Was used for playing with experiments described in Herbert Jaeger's technical report located at Herbert Jaeger homepage. See demonstration files esndemo*.m for more detailes.

Data Sets Download:

Grammar descriptions for Simple language generator:

Symbolic time series:

Real-value time series: