Software Modeling 2021/22


On this page, you will find the information about tests realized within the course. The tests from the previous course realizations are available in the archive.


The date of the exam will be determined by the faculty administration.

Due to the limitations of classroom teaching, this year's exam will be realized as a take home exam.

The questions will require you to use parts of your own project in Software Modeling. Beside that, you may use whatever other sources you wish. However, you must write your exam on your own. Communicating with persons other than the examiner is not allowed.

To write your exam, you may use whatever text editor you wish. You can draw your diagrams in Enterprise Architect, but you can do so also in tools for quick diagram sketching, such as UMLet, for example. Afterwards, you will create one PDF file and submit it to the corresponding submission site in AIS by the established deadline. Assumed duration of the exam is two hours.

The exam will consist of approximately five questions of the following type: