Object-Oriented Programming 2022/23

Exercise 7



Present a working version of your project as instructed by the teachers.

Continue working on your project. Make a revision of your code – so-called refactorization – in order to increase the quality of the applied object-oriented design.



In CPU, a tool for drawing UML and other kinds of diagrams is available: UMLet. You can download and install the tool on your computers. An online version is also available: UMLetino. With both tools, take care to save your diagrams in the UXF editable format, and not as images or PDF files.

You choose the elements form the palette available on the right side by a double click. Afterwards, you can edit the element you selected in the field under the palette. In the File menu, you have a possibility to export the diagram.

Creating hierarchies helps in dealing with complexity. As you know, object-oriented programming brings in two ways of creating hierarchies: aggregation and inheritance. Using a class diagram in UMLet, capture the hierarchies in your project. You can create a separate diagram containing only inheritance (more accurately, in UML parlance, generalization) relationships. Also, include the most important methods in classes and interfaces.



If necessary, get back to the tasks from previous exercises and discuss any uncertainties with the teachers at exercises.


Valentino Vranić
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