Object-Oriented Programming

ac. year 2019/20

Slovak website

Lectures: doc. Ing. Valentino Vranić, PhD.
Exercises: Ing. Michal Kováčik, Bc. Peter Križan, Ing. Ján Lang, PhD., Ing. Anna Považanová, Ing. Waheedullah Sulaiman Khail, M.Sc., and Bc. Alexander Valach
Further information and ECTS entry available in AIS

The course is devoted to object-oriented programming and the Java programming language, as well as to the basics of object-oriented analysis and design. The course provides an overview of other object-oriented languages and a view of software development paradigms as such, reuse, and design patterns. The course touches aspect-oriented programming and the AspectJ language, too. The course requires basic knowledge of procedural programming.


Valentino Vranić vranic at stuba.sk