Object-Oriented Programming 2022/23


This is the list of lectures in the Object-Oriented Programming course accompanied by the materials and literature. The lectures are in Slovak and are held in Aula Magna on Tuesdays 2.00pm-3.40pm. The recordings will be made available.

The program code in Java is in its last year's version. It will be updated from lecture to lecture. The slides presented here are an English translation of the academic year 2018/19 slides and they will not be updated.

TiJ = Bruce Eckel. Thinking in Java. 3rd edition, Prentice-Hall, 2002. HTML | PDF

  1. [February 14] Prezi PDF L1: Insight into Object-Oriented Programming
  2. [February 21] Prezi PDF L2: Polymorphism and Object-Oriented Modularization
  3. [February 28] Prezi PDF L3: Design Patterns
  4. [March 7] Prezi PDF L4: Graphical User Interface and Its Separation from Application Logic
  5. [March 14] Prezi PDF L5: Structured Data Types, Generics, and Persistance
  6. [March 21] Prezi PDF L6: Parallel Processing, Program Robustness, and Reflection
  7. [March 28] L6a: Parallel Processing, Program Robustness, and Reflection
  8. [April 4] Prezi PDF L7: Quality Object-Oriented Design
  9. [April 18] Prezi PDF L8: Aspect-Oriented Programming
  10. [April 25] Prezi PDF L9: C++ Programming Language: Flexibility and Efficiency
  11. [May 2] Prezi PDF L10: Programming Language C#: Some Interesting Features
  12. [May 9] P11: Discussion

Valentino Vranić
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