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This page is dedicated to prof. Ing. Norbert Frištacký, PhD., the computer pioneer.

Computer Pioneer Award

The award of Computer Pioneer is one of the most prestigeus estimation of engeneer’s work. Those worthy of this price become noted in history of informatics side-by-side with names like Charles Babbage or Howard Aiken.

But even the greatest persons might be overlooked. Unknowingly or due to social or political conditions. Their work and acquisitions are not only unappreciated and not valued but even neglected. We as a team believe that Norbert Frištacký was the Person with P who deserves not to be forgotten and this web page will serve as sufficient testimony to attend it.

Our team

Our team participated with this web page in IEEE CHC61 competition “Unsung Heroes”. For additional informations, please click here.

... said about prof. Frištacký

There are only a few big personalities, Norbert Fristacky was undoubtably one of them. He ment a lot like a profesor, a scientist, but also like a friend and a colleague, not only for the Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava but also for informatics in middle Europe and even further.

dean of FIIT STU
prof. RNDr. Ľudovít Molnár, DrSc.

Sad view on empty chairs, someone is missing. That was my way of realizing, that professor Norbert Frištacký, my old colleague, friend, personality of Slovak IT was missing not only me but all of us. Hell of a job, Norbert! I know it costed you a lot of your energy, endurance, tolerance, patience and ability to solve problems, but it is so magnificent, that we can`t forget you.

long-time colleague and friend
prof. Ing. Milan Kolesár, CSc.

He was outstanding and very catchy ... more

last diplomate of prof. Frištacký
Dalimír Orfánus