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IEEE Computer Pioneer Award

He received IEEE Computer Pioneer Award (1996) the for his life-work in IT. His research interests lied in digital system design, high-level design, formal methods in specification and design, and computer architecture. He was the first to perform research in digital systems in Slovakia and established the scientific school in digital system design at STU. Since 1994, he has also been chairing research groups at STU involved in international research projects PECO and INCO Copernicus of the European Union.

Literature awards

He received award of Slovak Literature Fond and Czech Technical Foundation for valuables consideration for writing three books, seven university textbooks and about 100 scientific papers in the field (1970). Most significant were these publications: Programing for Digital Computers (ALFA 1977), Logic Systems (ALFA 1986), Modelling and Simulation (ALFA, SNTL 1988) and Digital Computers (ALFA 1993).


• He was the editor-in-chief of the international Journal of Electrical Engineering
• a member of the steering committee of the Slovak Society of Computer Science
• a Fellow of IEE
• a member of IEEE
• a member of the Central and Eastern Europe Initiative Committee of IEEE
• a member of IFIP TC-10 and WG-10.5.

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