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CHC61 Contest

Our team Short Fancy Apples - participates in CHC61 - The IEEE Computer Society Web Programming Competition "Unsung Heroes".
We have choosed the IEEE Computer Pioneer - Norbert Frištacký to cover his work, mention his privacy slightly and also provide some important historical background to his work and life.

Team Foto


Our team - Matej Jariabka, Ivana Krátka, Michal Kajaba (from left to right)

Work distribution

doc. Ing. Martin Šperka, PhD. - mentor
Matej Jariabka - text adjustments, interviews, materials acquiring
Michal Kajaba - technical realisation, design
Ivana Krátka - translations, materials acquiring

One wouldn't believe how difficult is to gather and then portray all informations about someone. Especially, when the person was a skillful scientist, gifted mentor, handy engeneer and a man with a very rich and eventfull history. Whole team agreed that Norbert Frištacký was really a Person with big P. Unfortunately, he was not our teacher and the more we know him, the more sorrow we feel. Therefore we all hope that this web page will display all facts and details for more people to know Norbert Frištacký better.


We would like to give thanks to all people who helped us, notably to: (without special order)
Mrs Frištacká, Martin Šperka, Mária Bieliková, Milan Kolesár, Dalimír Orfanus, Valéria Šimáková, all who helped us


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