Research Profile

My research interests are in the areas of web-based adaptive systems, user modeling, and especially the social dimension of personalized web-based systems. Previously I was active in the area of software development and management of versions and software configurations.

I (co-)authored eight books, several teaching materials and more than 200 scientific papers mostly in international scientific journals and conferences. I am a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Web Engineering and Int. Journal of Intelligent Information and Database Systems. I edited 42 proceedings of scientific conferences, six of them published by Springer. In Great Slovakian Encyclopaedia "Beliana", I am co-author responsible for entries related to the field of Software Engineering. I am and I have been regurarly serving in program committees of more than 20 international conferences series.

I lead the "PeWe (Personalized Web)" group at the Institute of Informatics and Software Engineering (Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. The group is concerned to the new trends in design, development and use of adaptive social web-based systems with semantics, which allow personalized presentation of information in various domains.

I participate or have been participated in several research projects. Main research results are presented in publications published in journals or proceedings of various research conferences.

During my doctoral study (1992-1995) I collected some
information on software configuration management on the Web. There were
several such attempts which I mention in my Software Configuration Management Review.

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