Software Modeling 2021/22

Slovenské webové sídlo

Lectures: doc. Ing. Valentino Vranić, PhD.
Exercises: Ing. Pavle Dakić, M.Sc., Ing. Ján Lang, PhD., and Ing. Waheedullah Sulaiman Khail, M.Sc.
Study type: Bachelor's
Study program: Informatics
Term: winter
Weekly hours (lectures–exercises): 2-2
Completion: exam
Credits: 6

The course is focused on expressing software at all levels of development by adequate models. From the initial specification to implementation, each software model can be perceived as a specification, and the software development process can be perceived as refinement or concretization of the specification. A special attention is paid to use cases and UML, but the course also presents formal approaches to software modeling.

Valentino Vranić
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