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Years 1950 - 1959 and before


ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer), the first general-purpose electronic digital calculator begins to be constructed. This computer by most is considered to be the first electronic computer. (Completed in 1946)


The relay-based Harvard-IBM MARK I a large programmable-controlled calculating machine provides vital calculations for the U.S. Navy. Grace Hopper becomes its programmer.


The Von Neumann Architecture is introduced in John von Neumann's report of the EDVAC.


First computers are installed in ČSSR (Czechoslovak Socialistic Republic), second half of 50‘s


Department of Automation and Control Engineering on SVŠT is established, later on study major Technical cybernetics is established

Norbert Frištacký in 50's

1950 – 1954

Engineer study at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, SVŠT, Department of Automation and Control Engineering


Beginning of career at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (at the time Electrotechnical Faculty of SVŠT - Slovak University of Technology), assistant at Department of Theoretical and Exprimental Electrical Engineering, later on as assistant professor.


Norbert Frištacký started, as the first one in Slovakia, research in the field of digital devices. They were based on magnetic and logic gates. Collaborated with Research Institute Křižík Karlín, Prague and Czechoslovak Academy of Science, Prague. This research led into his doctorate paper in 1964 as well as into publishing activity at the time.


Norbert Frištacký was one the foundation members of the Department of Automation and Control Engineering in SVŠT