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Years 1960 - 1969


IEEE is founded.


Department of Mathematical Machines established (later Computer Department) led by L. Gvozdják, on picture. It was the first detached specialized department on university in Czechoslovakia oriented on computers and computing systems equipped with Ural 2, Minsk 22, MSP-2A, LGP 30, Minsk 32, high-performance analog computer AP3 a small analog computing technology for education purposes. Department had about 50 employees. Alongside solving numerous practical tasks in field of computer applications, spreading new founded knowledge and scientific research in improving technological and program tools of numerical and analog devices and programming automation, in 1967-1973 department created and ensured schooling of Programming and Basics of mechanical computers for all the faculty students as well as some special classes and graduation thesis in Technical Cybernetics.

Department of Automation and Control Engineering was helping the entire SVŠT. E.g. static calculations while planning the bridge of SNP - first bridge af WW2.


In 1968 changes were made in the highest government functions. Alexander Dubcek was elected as the fisrt Slovakian leader of ruling party. That was the start of „communism with human face“. In spring of 68 the censorship was canceled, public meetings were permitted, and religion freedom was partly allowed, independent political subjects was created and people had possibility to travel to the west.


On the night of August 20 - August 21, 1968, Eastern Bloc armies from five Warsaw Pact countries invaded the ČSSR, stopping democratic reform of socialism. A period of "Normalization" began.

Hard times of Normalization - separation from Western Europe.

Computers in use

Czechoslovak computers MSP-2A, EC-1021, analog computer AP3, hybrid system ADT 7000, as well as older LGP 30 are used within Department of Mathematical Machines. It was a very first university department in former ČSSR equipped with soviet-made computer URAL-2, which was one of most powerful computers in whole country.


URAL-2 replaced by MINSK-22 (followed by MINSK-32)

Norbert Frištacký in 60's


New class founded by Norbert Frištacký, Magnetic (later called Logic) Circuits. This class was the first one specialized on analysis, synthesis and systematic design of digital devices not only in Slovakia, but on all of technological universities in Czechoslovakia. His effort led to origin of computer engineering in Slovakia. It's content stretched into 2 semesters.


Obtained scientific and academic degree Candidate of Science (CSc. or PhD.) in Technical Cybernetics from SVŠT.