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Years 1970 - 1979


Intel introduces the first microprocessor, the Intel 4004.


The compact disc (CD) is invented in the United States.


Government decree SSR No. 117 from April 11, 1973 – direction to form a new study field Electronical Computers. Department’s task was to reflect the connection between school and real life under party and government resctrictions.


Departmentof Computers is established, guided by doc. Ing. Štefan Neuschl (on right picture), CSc. Core of the department is formed from former Department of Mathematical Enginering, joined by group around doc. Ing. Norbert Frištacký, CSc. from Department of Automation and Control Engineering. Department was equipped with second-generation computer MINSK32, analog computer AP-3M and third-generation EC 1021 made in CzechoSlovakia. They couldn’t compare with famous univesities from Western Europe.

From late 70’s till start of 80’s changes were made (old computing system EC 1021 (since 1976) and older ADT 7000), faculty started to work with micro and mini-computers SM-3 a SM-4.

Norbert Frištacký in 70's


Started activity at Department of Automation and Control Engineering as a lecturer (till 1985)

1970 – 1971

Activity as hosting lecturer on Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Salford (Anglicko). Here he became familiar with DEC computers. At the time, these were advanced technologies, mainly when we know that Eastern block had minimum of previous technologies. Almost everything was smuggled out, researched and replicated. He was one of few people to realize the potential of integrated circuits.


Started at Mathematiacal-Physical Faculty on Comenius Univerity in Bratislava as external speaker till 1987, 13 years.

1974 – 1975

doc. Ing. Norberta Frištacký, CSc. working as lecturer on Department of Computers.


Norbert Frištacký was named to guide Department of Computers and later on named head of department. He stayed in funcion till 1990, when he was named chancellor(rector) SVŠT.


Department of Computing Engineering established on SVŠT (from Deaprtment of Computers) and doc. Ing. Frištacký, Csc. named head of department. He had merit in forming study field Electronic computers, which consisted of 21 classes. He ensured these classes (as an author or co-author) with university textbooks, which were awarder numerous prices and scripts. He was in function till 1990, when he was named chancellor of SVŠT.