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Years 1990 until now


In June 1990 the first democratic elections since 1946 were held in Czechoslovakia, resulting in the country's first completely non-Communist government in over forty years.


SVŠT renamed to Slovak University of Technology (STU).


Slovakia and the Czech Republic peacefully went their separate ways after January 1, 1993, an event sometimes called the Velvet Divorce, but Slovakia has remained close partners with the Czech Republic, as well as with other Central European countries within the Visegrad Group. Slovakia became a member of the European Union in May 2004.


The new Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Infomation Technology established in Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava.

Norbert Frištacký in 90's and later


Norbert Frištacký was elected by representatives as new rector of SVŠT (Slovak University of Technology) and remained in function until 1991. While being rector, school was renamed to Slovak University of Technology (STU) thanks also to his efforts. He became the first chancellor after Velvet revolution in November 1989.


Study major Informatics founded, with the fixation on Software Engineering and Computing Technology and Telecommunication. This transformation was also credited to prof. Frištacký.


Started working as an external profesor at Institute For Technology And Informatics, Technische Universität Wien (Rakúsko)


One of the biggest and well-known informatics companies IEEE Computer Society acknowledged lifetime work in the field of informatics and computing technologies. Another two pioneers were also awarded for developmnet of computers in Czechoslovakia - prof. RNDr. Jozef Gruska, DrSc. and prof. Ivan Plander, DrSc. Acknowledgements were handed out by IEEE CS representative during an event organized by the Slovak Informatics Company and National Committee IEEE CS in Congress Hall of Comenius University, Slovakia on December 3, 1997.

30. 9. 2003

Speech adressed on Ceremonial Rally at the occasion of establishing new Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies. He undertook study major Computer Systems and Networks, which obtained accreditation by international organisation IEE, London.