Odkazy na materiály súvisiace s funkcionálnym a logickým programovaním v pavučine

Odkazy na materiály v anglickom jazyku uvádzame v anglickom jazyku.

Funkcionálne programovanie

  • http://www.alu.org/table/learn.htm
    This website gives information mostly about Common Lisp. It gives listings of books, reference material, and other resources. There is also a guide to Lisp programming style which comes from the Lisp FAQ (a listing of Frequently Asked Questions, and their answers).
  • http://www-cgi.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs.cmu.edu/project/ai-repository/ai/html/cltl/cltl2.html
    This document contains the complete text of the following book in HTML format
    Common Lisp the Language, 2nd edition
    by Guy L. Steele, Thinking Machines, Inc.
    Digital Press, 1990, 1029 pages, ISBN 1-55558-041-6
  • http://www.cs.nott.ac.uk/~gmh//faq.html
    Frequently Asked Questions for comp.lang.functional. Edited by Graham Hutton, University of Nottingham.
  • http://www.cs.kun.nl/fple
    Page entitled Functional Programming Languages in Education. The aim of these web pages is to collect information on the use of functional programming in teaching. This covers important areas, such as algorithms and data structures, compiler construction, computer architecture, data base systems, computer graphics, mathematics, problem solving and the semantics of programming languages.
    Functional languages are to be understood here in a broad sense, including lazy and strict functional languages, languages with a powerful functional subset and algebraic specification formalisms.
    The pages are edited by Hugh Glaser of the University of Southampton, Stephen Jarvis of Oxford University and Marko van Eekelen of Nijmegen University assisted by Ronny Wichers Schreur of Nijmegen University.
  • http://www.cs.tulane.edu/www/Villamil/lisp/lisp1.html
    LISP TUTOR page. LISP TUTOR is a WWW tutorial that helps the student in the process of learning the LISP language, which seems a little hard at the beginning. It consists of several chapters that collects the most important features and in each feature interacts with the student giving him an immediate feedback about his learning process. At the end, the tutorial presents an On-Line TEST to be answered by the student and returns the corresponding grade when the student finishes and hands in the test.
  • http://www.haskell.org
    Pages related to Haskell. Haskell is a general purpose, purely functional programming language. Haskell compilers are freely available for almost any computer.
  • http://www.tuke.sk/kollarj/courses.html#FP
    Elektronická verzia knihy Funkcionálne programovanie, autor J. Kollár.

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Logické programovanie

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