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Addison Wesley Longman is a premiere educational publisher, selling books, multimedia and learning programs in all major academic disciplines to the primary, secondary, higher education and professional markets throughout the world. With major publishing centers in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and Asia, AWL publishes in several languages and is the world's largest publisher of English Language Teaching products.
Computer Science and Engineering subject is available.

The following imprints and/or divisions are part of Addison Wesley Longman:

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Academic Press is one of the largest commercial publishers in the United States for scientific information, and is known throughout the international scientific community.

Established as a publishing company in the United States in 1942, today, Academic Press maintains locations in San Diego, London, Boston, New York, Sydney, Tokyo, and Toronto. In 1969, Academic Press became a division of Harcourt Brace & Company.

The company publishes about 400 new books each year, and maintains a backlist of over 6000 titles in its catalog and more than 200 journals in over 30 different disciplines. These include biological and biomedical sciences, mathematics, engineering, and physical sciences as well as social and behavioral sciences. AP is also recognized for award-winning encyclopedias and other major reference works.

In 1993, Academic Press established AP PROFESSIONAL, a new imprint to meet the informational needs of the computer science professional. Now available in stores worldwide, AP PROFESSIONAL has quickly gained a strong reputation for practical, cutting edge titles.

Book database contains more than 6000 titles.

THE ACADEMIC PRESS ONLINE LIBRARY is the online scientific journal library created by Academic Press. See the regularly updated listing of available issues of 175 journals.

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Cambridge University Press is the printing and publishing house of the University of Cambridge. It is an integral part of the University and has similar charitable objectives in advancing knowledge, education, learning, and research. For centuries the Press has extended the research and teaching activities of the University by making available worldwide through its printing and publishing a remarkable range of academic and educational books, journals, examination papers, and Bibles. For millions of people around the globe the publications of the Press are the only link they ever have with the University of Cambridge.

It is in fact the oldest printing and publishing house in the world. It was founded on a royal charter granted to the University by Henry VIII in 1534 and has been operating continuously as a printing and publishing business since the first Press book was printed in 1584. Since then, books under Cambridge University's imprint have appeared in each and every year, and the Press has grown to become one of the largest academic and educational publishers in the world, publishing some 1,500 books and 125 journals a year, which are sold to over 190 countries across the globe.

The Press publishes and distributes the whole of this varied output through its own network round the world: there are Branches in North America and Australia, each representing the whole list and contributing to it their own related publishing programmes; there are editorial offices in New York, Stanford, Melbourne, Cape Town, Tokyo, and Barcelona; and there are sales offices in the major continental European centres, in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America, with new offices being established most recently in Italy, Poland, Mexico, and Brazil. The Press is also pioneering a scheme to make its best textbooks available in special low-price editions for countries in the developing world, and is launching a programme of Spanish-language editions of some of its academic and textbook titles.

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Butterworth-Heinemann (UK)

Part of Reed-Elsevier, Butterworth-Heinemann publish over 400 titles including both CD-Rom and floppy disc-based products for students and professionals in technology, medicine, business and the open-learning fields each year. With divisions in the UK, USA, Australia, Singapore and South Africa and overseas offices in Japan, Malaysia, India this ensures our products are known and read world-wide.

You can search catalog of Butterworth-Heinemann and Heinemann World.

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Chapman & Hall with offices around the world, including London, New York, Melbourne and Weinheim publishes innovative books, journals and electronic products in a wide number of disciplines in the areas of science, technology and medicine, and the built environment.

Chapman & Hall is part of International Thomson Publishing (ITP), a global federation of over 33 companies dedicated to publishing high-quality educational, academic and professional information.

Chapman & Hall was established in London in 1830 and for over a hundred years the publishing emphasis was on novels and general books. But as far back as 1914, having benefited from a list of technical books imported to the UK from the USA, Chapman & Hall decided to concentrate activities in the scientific field. In 1993 was opened New York office to build on the strengths of these lists and to increase our already growing presence in the expanding North American market.

Today publishes in a wide range of subjects with a diverse product mix from textbooks to academic and professional works of reference and journals (over 600 new books each year).

On-line catalog is available.

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Artech House Publishers founded in 1969, is a subsidiary of Horizon House Publications, Inc., publisher of the internationally acclaimed magazines: Telecommunications, Microwave Journal, and the Journal of Electronic Defense. Artech House is a leading publisher of professional-level titles in telecommunications, mobile communications, computer science, microwave technology, antennas & propagation, optoelectronics, radar, solid-state technology, and technology management. In each area, Artech covers the technology spectrum from introductory to very specialized, advanced books and software.

Artech House operates two full service offices: the main headquarters in suburban Boston, and a European division located in Central London. Both sites offer full publishing capabilities, from sales and distribution, to acquisitions and editorial, to promotion and marketing functions.

Search engine is available.

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In IEEE Computer Society Publications Catalog you can search or browse through more than 200 book titles in 15 specialized computer science and engineering topics. The catalog introduces more than 30 new books every year, and includes the Computer Society '96 CD-ROM of all CS periodicals in 1996, the CSLSP (Library Subscription Plan), more than 150 conference proceedings, and IEEE Computer Society 50th Anniversary Merchandise.

The purposes of the IEEE Computer Society shall be scientific, literary, and educational in character. The society shall strive to advance the theory, practice, and application of computer and information processing science and technology and shall maintain a high professional standing among its members. The society shall promote cooperation and exchange of technical information among its members and to this end shall hold meetings for the presentation and discussion of technical papers, shall publish technical journals, and shall through its organization and other appropriate means provide for the needs of its members.

The scope of the society shall encompass all aspects of theory, design, practice, and application relating to computer and information processing science and technology.

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Computer Technology Research Corp. - Publisher of Strategic Information Technology Reports. Since 1979, CTR's reports have provided information on major technologies, trends, products, companies, and markets concerning the computer industry. Our reports assist executives, users, and vendors with making strategic decisions regarding information technology products and services.

Each report includes management summaries, competitive analyses, technical product evaluations, vendor marketing strategies and case studies. CTR's reports are independently researched and present unbiased, objective views, strengths and limitations of products, and insight into technology directions. The reports provide managers with the vital quality information that is needed to successfully plan large- and small-scale information technology projects.

Reports ordered directly from CTR are shipped anywhere in the world within 2 to 5 days via DHL Worldwide Express Delivery Service.

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Elsevier Science intends to be the preferred global scientific information provider. In academic, medical and special libraries around the world, Elsevier Science publications form the cornerstone of the finest research literature collections. And among readers, Elsevier's titles are an invaluable resource for staying abreast of the latest achievements of the scientific community.

Part of the worldwide scientific information system, Elsevier Science links researchers and readers with the latest developments through more than 1,200 English-language journals containing core scientific research articles. The scope of our activities and our unmatched expertise have made us a respected voice in science publishing. Elsevier Science publishes a broad range of scientific information of three types:

  • Primary (original research)
  • Secondary (bibliographic data and abstracts of research papers)
  • Tertiary (review and reference information)
In addition to traditional research journals which form the foundation of the primary publishing program, Elsevier Science publishes letters journals for rapid communications and conference proceedings. Secondary and tertiary information is included in newsletters, review journals, major reference works, magazines and abstract journals.

Appearing under the imprints Elsevier, Pergamon, North-Holland and Excerpta Medica, Elsevier Science's publications provide core research literature in the physical, life and social sciences.

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Franklin, Beedle & Associates Inc. is an independent publishing company specializing in books, Web-based courseware, and software tools for the computing and engineering sciences.

The company was founded in 1985 with the aim of capturing the college computer science and information systems markets. They quickly created a recognizable presence by publishing textbooks on WordPerfect, DOS, and Windows. Carolyn Gillay's original DOS text, PC/MS DOS Fundamentals, anticipated the emerging market for DOS courses. Her DOS and Windows operating systems books have sold over 200,000 copies.

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John Wiley & Sons, Inc. develops, publishes, and sells products in print and electronic media for the educational, professional, scientific, technical, and consumer markets worldwide.

Wiley is in the forefront of electronic publishing, with more than 200 products and services on disk, CD-ROM, or available by network. Wiley has 13,000 active book titles and 400 journals. The company publishes 1,500 new titles in a variety of formats each year. The company has approximately 2,000 employees worldwide.

Wiley serves four broad markets:

  • Scientific, Technical, and Medical (STM)
    The company publishes more than 325 STM journals, as well as encyclopedic reference works, graduate texts, and practical handbooks.

  • Educational
    textbooks and instructional packages (print and electronic) for undergraduate and graduate students. Publishing programs are targeted in areas of Wiley strength, including physical and life sciences, mathematics, engineering, and accounting, with a growing presence in business, economics, finance, hospitality, computing, foreign languages, and psychology.

  • Professional
    books, subscription products, and electronic products for professionals. Markets cover a range of professions in law, architecture, construction, accounting, hospitality, engineering, computing, and business.

  • Consumer
    quality nonfiction books and electronic products for a growing range of audiences, from preteens to professionals. Major subject categories include business, computers, science, and general interest.

Look to the Wiley Computer Publishing page. You can search the catalog by: book title, subject, and/or author name.

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Springer Verlag is an international scientific, medical and technical publishing company. one of the largest privately owned science publishing groups in the world. In addition to head offices in Berlin and Heidelberg, Germany, there are major offices in New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Barcelona, Budapest, Milan, Vienna and Warsaw.

Almost 50 percent of Springer's products are in the field of medicine. In addition, all natural sciences, as well as mathematics, computer science and engineering are represented. Economics and law, together with popular science and medicine books, round out the spectrum. Furthermore, around 380 scientific journals from all fields are published. All in all, about 17,000 titles are available, 60 percent of these in English. Every year, there are over 2,000 new Springer publications worldwide.

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Kluwer Academic Publishers (KAP) is a sector of the Wolters Kluwer publishing group and operates world-wide from offices in Dordrecht, Boston, and London. All over the world, scientists and professionals hold our publications in high esteem. A reputation such as Kluwer`s cannot be gained overnight, and indeed, one arm of the current KAP dates back to 1853. Between then and 1978 when KAP was formed, a series of mergers with other established publishing concerns led to an increase in the scale of operation, the range of subject areas covered and improved service.

KAP can provide up-to-date scientific and professional information in:

  • Science and Technology
  • Biological, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Business and Economics
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Law

In the Computer Science & Electrical Engineering KAP's page you can find extensive list of subject areas.

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McGraw-Hill's roots go back to the last decades of the 19th century. There was a strong and growing minority that recognized the need for a competent technical and business press, built upon the foundation of independent journalism and publishing integrity. Two of the strongest advocates of that progressive philosophy were James H. McGraw and John A. Hill.

In on-line catalog you can find a lot of computer science and engineering books. There are over 12,500 product entries.

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The MIT Press is university press in the United States whose list is based in science and technology. MIT Press's major publishing is in fields architecture, social theory, economics, cognitive science, and computational science.

The Press's enthusiasm for innovation is reflected in our continuing exploration of the electronic frontier. Since the late 1960s, they have experimented with generation after generation of electronic publishing tools.

Catalog of Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence books is available together with online search engine.

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Science & Technology Discount Bookstore is an online specialty discount bookstore for the science, technology & academic community. Over 2 million books, proceedings, videos, CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs and gifts. Orders shipped worldwide.

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Plenum Publishing Corporation
In Plenum Publishing Corporation you have access to more than 3500 titles in catalog. Plenum Press publishes professional books and journals in almost every area of science -- from biology and computer science to chemistry, physics, math, and social sciences. In addition to the 200 scientific journals published under Plenum Press and Consultants Bureau imprints, Human Sciences Press journals provide timely information to human service professionals. On the lighter side, Plenum Trade and Insight books offer accessible accounts of contemporary topics in science, psychology, personal health and current social issues for scientifically curious readers.

Among many subject areas you can find Software Science and Engineering titles.

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Int. Thomson Publ. Company has a lot of imprints. The Directory of Thomson Companies - more than 80 entries (Thomson Science, Chapman & Hall Int. are among them).

Computer Science books can be easily retrieved from Computing Catalog.

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Sage Publications, Inc. International Educational & Professional Publisher of books, journals, and electronic media, is a privately owned publishing company dedicated to the global dissemination of information.

Founded over 30 years ago with a mandate to make the best and most current scholarship accessible to a broad academic audience, Sage recognizes that high quality scholarship requires dedication and commitment. Sage works closely with authors and editors to produce the most outstanding work in the fields in which it publishes.

On-line search engine is also available.

Among several Sage Publications Affiliates I mention one related to Computer Science: Sage Science Press is an imprint of Sage Publications that is exclusively devoted to publishing journals in the fields of science, technology and medicine (STM).

Launched in 1995, this imprint attends to the distinct editorial, production and marketing needs of the STM community in both corporate and traditional academic environments. It is a new press that benefits from the resources and support of an established and privately owned social science publisher coupled with the flexibility of meeting the specific needs of new trends in STM fields. Computer Modelling and Simulation in Engineering (CMSE) Journal page is available here.

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Oxford University Press is an international publisher of books, journals and multimedia products with offices in over 20 countries.

You can go and see to the Internet Book Shop of Oxford University Press.

Oxford University Press - Computer Science catalogoue is also available.

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