Using a CASE tool in developing an information system for Slovak Telecom

Authors: M. Bieliková, M. Galbavý, I. Kapustík, L. Molnár and P. Návrat

Reference: In Information Tools and Technologies, pages 159-164, Moscow, October, 1996. International Academy of Automation.


  1. Introduction
  2. Techniques for system's analysis and design
  3. How Systems Engineer supports the techniques
  4. Conclusions

Abstract: As a part of a strategic transformation of Slovak Telecom (ST), a major enterprise with several thousands of employees, dozens of organizatorial units with various degrees of autonomy which are geographically distributed across the whole country, it has become inevitable to direct substantial efforts also to completely rebuild its information system. In a company like ST, there have been already various partial information processing systems in use. However, they are devoted to special particular tasks with little or no interconnection. Moreover, they function at various structural levels of the company's organization which further complicates the situation. Last but not least, the existing systems work on various hardware/software platforms.

The above described situation is in fact quite common for many large enterprises in Slovakia. Therefore, we shall not devote ourselves to any too detailed elaboration of the particular details specific for ST. Rather, we shall concentrate on more general issues of a methodology for developing such information systems, and a role of a Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tool in supporting it.

In the paper the techniques that we have used in the project are briefly described. We show how these techniques are supported by the CASE tool Systems Engineer. In particular, we explain how the technique of functional modelling by data flow diagrams was used in analysing the current physical model of the system, which was based on document flow diagrams. We report on some of our experiences with the Systems Engineer tool and conclude with some comments that generalize our experience.

PS version (211K file, 6 pages) together with a GZ version (54K file) is available.

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