Intelligent support for program development

Authors: P. Návrat, M. Bieliková, I. Koziak, V. Rozinajová and M. Smolárová

Reference: In P. Vanneste, K. Bertels, B. De Decker, and J.M. Jaques, editors, Proc. 8th Annual Workshop Psychology of Programming Interest Group, pages 161-162, Gent, 1996.


  1. Knowledge Base on Selecting Data Types
  2. Programming Paradigms and Techniques
  3. Reusing Design Patterns
  4. Program Analysis
  5. A Knowledge Based Method for Building a Software System Configuration

Abstract: Intelligent support to program development is to be understood in quite a broad sense. From the point of view of activities to be supported, all the phases of the software life cycle deserve our attention. From the point of view of possible approaches to accomplishing the support, we consider using artificial intelligence techniques when appropriate, but do not restrict ourselves to any single approach.

Research reported here aims to tackle some of the problems connected with intelligent support to program development. Because the area is broad, we do not attempt to devise a single method that would solve the problem. At the present stage, our aim is more modest: to concentrate on some selected particular questions and to devise methods of solving them. In particular, we have devoted out attention to the following topics:

  • Knowledge base on selecting data types in the process of program design,
  • Programing paradigms and techniques that allow incorporating various kinds of knowledge\footnote{This work has also been partially supported by COPERNICUS project No. CP 93:6638.},
  • Reusing design patterns,
  • Analyzing program to recognize program cliches,
  • Building a software system configuration.
In the paper, we give a very short description of goals, methods, and results achieved in researching the above topics so far.

PS version (40K file, 2 pages) together with a GZ version (17K file) is available.

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