A technique for modelling design patterns

Authors: M. Smolárová, P. Návrat and M. Bieliková

Reference: In P. Návrat and H. Ueno, editors, Knowledge-Based Software Engineering - JCKBSE'98, pages 89-97, Smolenice, Sept., 1998. IOS Press, Amsterdam.


  1. Introduction
  2. Design Pattern Representation
  3. Space of Design Patterns
  4. Design Pattern Modelling Technique
  5. Related Works and Conclusions
  6. References

Abstract: The paper proposes a technique for modelling design patterns that allows representing them in a way suitable for application design. First, the issue of design pattern representation is tackled. We identify the space of design patterns and specifically discuss two of its dimensions: abstraction and generality. Next, we describe a technique for modelling design patterns by means of description schemata at a metalevel. For general pattern structure, a metaschema representation has been proposed that defines pattern fragments and relations. Also, constraints are introduced that restrict the possible structure of pattern instances.

PS version (1 299K file, 9 pages) together with a PDF version (336K file) is available.

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