The Context and the Contents of Software Engineering Education in Slovakia

Authors: P. Návrat and M. Bieliková

Reference: In Proc. of SEES'98 - The Software Engineering Education Symposium, P. Klint and J.R. Nawrocki (Eds.), Scientific Publishers OWN, Poznań, Poland, November 18-20, pages 141-148.


  1. Introduction
  2. The Context
  3. The Contents
  4. Software Engineering Education within an Integrated Informatics Curricula
  5. Conclusions
  6. References

Abstract: One of the key actors in implementing the technological innovations centered around the progress in information technology is a software engineer who analyses, designs, implements and maintains various kinds of information systems of businessses, organizations, etc. There are, among other things, at least two important aspects of the software engineering related education to be taken into account: the context, both the current one and the historical background of the developments, and the contents of the education. We present contents of our curricula and explain how it responds to the particular context.

PS version (765K file, 9 pages) together with a PDF version (262K file) is available.

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