Team projects as a means to learn some aspects of development process of information systems

Authors: M. Bieliková and P. Návrat

Reference: In Proc. of ISM'99 - Information Systems Modelling, T. Hruška (Ed.), MARQ Ostrava, Czech Republic, April 27-29, pages 59-66, 1999.


  1. Introduction
  2. Team Work Dynamics
    • Team Formation
    • Team Communication
    • Problem Statement and Assigning Problems to Teams
    • Team Assessment
    • Development Process
    • Organisational Aspects
    • Discussion and Conclusions
    • References

Abstract: Team projects play an important role in education of software engineers. A typical project aims at developing an information system for a specific environment or organisation. While working on the project, students apply information system modelling techniques and use appropriate tools, such as CASE tools for analysis and design of the information system. We report on such a team project module that is part of a postgraduate course in Informatics.

Keywords: hypertext document, hypertext document model, version, configuration.

PS version (379K file, 8 pages) together with a GZ version (55K file) is available.

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