Data Representation for EMG Case Collection and Management

Authors: M. Bieliková, P. Návrat and M. Smolárová

Reference: In Proc. of AAITM 2000 - The Int. Workshop on Application of Advanced Information Technologies to Medicine, G. Agre and D. Ziebelin (Eds.), ALEA Publ., ISBN 954-9958-05-1. Varna, September 23-24, 2000. pp. 48-56.

Abstract: In the paper we discuss different data representation formats used for EMG case collection and management. Data representation is described in the context of developed software tool called EMMA. EMMA is primarily based on relational data model. We describe the relational data model, which was designed according to binary ECCO format used for EMG cases exchange to date. Moreover, eXtensible Markup Language (XML) is used to exchange data between physicians, who use EMMA, or between applications working with EMG data. Interface of EMMA is designed with special care to fulfil requirements of a user - physician. Using this tool will ease not only storing EMG cases, but more importantly reviewing the cases during consensus exercises and making decisions about a diagnose.

PDF version (425K file, 9 pages) is available.

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