Computer Support for Normative EMG Data Determination

Authors: M. Bieliková, P. Návrat, M. Smolárová, P. Kučera, P. Záhon and P. Traubner.

Reference: In Proc. of AAITM 2000 - The Int. Workshop on Application of Advanced Information Technologies to Medicine, G. Agre and D. Ziebelin (Eds.), ALEA Publ., ISBN 954-9958-05-1. Varna, September 23-24, 2000. pp. 39-47.

Abstract: In the paper we discuss an approach to computer support of collecting EMG data, for the purpose of national normative EMG data determination. To find values that are as representative as possible (to become a true standard), we proposed to have several laboratories across the country collecting the data. We describe representation of both EMG data request and response, which serve as a main vehicle for communication between EMG laboratories involved in data collecting. Based on the proposed representation, we developed two software prototypes: Normative Data Application Client and Normative Data Application Manager, which support collection and management of measured EMG data. The process of normative EMG data determination and continuous monitoring of their adequacy is more effective with support of these tools.

PDF version (467K file, 9 pages) is available.

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