Using XML and Regular Expressions in the Syntactic Analysis of Inflectional Language

Authors: M. Trabalka and M. Bieliková

Reference: In Proc. of ADBIS-DASFAA'2000 - Symposium on Advances in Databases and Information Systems, Y. Masunaga, J. Pokorný, J. Štuller and B. Thalheim (Eds.), MATFYZ press, ISBN 80-85863-56-1. Praha, September 5-8, 2000. pp. 185-194.

Abstract: In the paper we present a method of syntactic parsing for inflectional language. This method consists of several steps including morphological and syntactical levels of analysis. We proposed bottom-up model of syntactic analysis of the sentence. Its advantage is in the case of ill-formed sentence because the analyser is still able to parse at least parts of the sentence. We describe also experimental implementation of the proposed method, which is based on the use of XML and regular expressions.

PS version (165K file, 6 pages) is available.

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