Reengineering of Legacy Data and Knowledge: Designing Data Representation for Electromyography Studies

Authors: M. Bieliková, P. Návrat and M. Smolárová

Reference: In Proc. 5th Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems - ADBIS 2001, A. Čaplinskas, J. Eder (Eds.), Vilnius, Lithuania, September 25-28, pp.183-192.

Abstract: We discuss different data representation formats used for collection and management of electromyography (EMG) data. Data representation is described in the context of the proposed multifunctional platform for EMG studies. The platform architecture consists of four layers: data collection, data analysis, learning and education. In this paper, we focus on the data collection layer. We describe different formats ranging from an earlier ECCO format through the designed relational data model to the proposed XML exchange format. We also survey a set of software tools we have developed for collecting the EMG data (EMMA) and determining EMG normative data (NoDaM and NoDaC).

PS version (2 553K file, 10 pages) together with a ZIP version (235K file) is available.

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