Modelling Browsing Semantics in Hypertexts using UML

Authors: P. Dolog and M. Bieliková

Reference: In Proc. of ISM'2001 - Information Systems Modelling. Jaroslav Zendulka (Ed.). MARQ Ostrava, ISBN 80-85988-51-8, Czech Republic, May 9-11, pp.181-188.

Abstract: Navigation is one of the basic characteristics of a hypertext. This feature enables browsing through different paths within the hypertext document. On the other hand a problem of being lost in hyperspace can arise. One solution to this problem is improving a hypertext structure. This can be achieved by creating a model of hypertext dynamic behaviour. This paper presents our approach to modelling navigational structure of hypertext using the Unified Modelling Language (UML). Our goal is to define a unified framework for modelling hypertext browsing semantics. We specify semantics for diagrams capable of interaction and navigation modelling. An example of a university course specifi-cation is given to illustrate the use of the proposed extensions to UML techniques.

PDF version (237K file, 8 pages) is available.

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