Blending Software and Computer Engineering in Student Projects

Authors: M. Bieliková and T. Krajčovič.

Reference: In this paper we describe three student projects elaborated for the IEEE Computer Society International Design Competition (CSIDC). All three projects involved students of software engineering and computer engineering who demonstrated excellence in design of a system consisted both from computer hardware and software. Moreover, the students had to invent the system specification with some additional constraints on used hardware and software and the theme of the competition. The main requirement was general benefit to society. In CSIDC 2000 students designed under the health care information appliance theme the Asthma Monitor & Allergy Data Information Appliance called AMADIA. The result of next year competition was the EUNICA system (Extensible Universal Control of Appliances). In the CSIDC 2002 our students elaborated mobile sleeping laboratory project. Both CSIDC 2001 and 2002 were oriented towards wireless communications using Bluetooth.

PDF version (603K file, 7 pages) is available.

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