Developing Web-Based Tools to Support and Enhance Education

Authors: P. Návrat and M. Bieliková.

Reference: In Proc. of E-learning Conference, Sept. 2005, Berlin, Germany.

Abstract: In this paper we have attempted to contribute to the movement towards shifting more and more burden of managing the process, delivering the content and assessing the learning outcomes to the web-based tools. Among the tasks we attempted to support are for example: submission and checking of assignments, managing student projects, e-enrolment of students, formation of study plans, programming contest, multimedia presentation of the content of the Computer Architecture course, contributing to plagiarism detection, distance education in the Machine Level Programming course, or assessment of programs in C language. What is especially to be stressed is the fact that all the above mentioned projects have been developed by our students in the process of their education.

PDF version (120KB file, 7 pages, in English) is available.

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