An Approach for Community Cutting

Authors: Gyorgy Frivolt and M. Bieliková.

Reference: In RAWS 2005 – Proc. of the 1st Int. Workshop on Representation and Analysis of Web Space, V. Svátek, V. Snášel (Eds.), Sept. 2005, Prague, Czech Republic, pp.49-54.

Abstract: Informational networks and networks created based on social interactions possess high complexity. Yet the networks can be decoupled into sets of vertices, communities, more interconnected among each other then by other vertices of the network. For mining internal structure of informational and social networks approach for~finding community around a seed of vertices is described. Most of existing clustering approaches intend to identify all communities in the network, our goal is to identify the community around a vertex or a set of vertices. We give also short overview of tools for network analysis and their functionalities is given.

PDF version (270KB file, 6 pages, in English) is available.

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