We concentrate on configuration management tools, not development process management. The difference is not always properly distinguished.

SCM tools generations

(adopted from Team Development Overview and (Ambriola, 1990))

First Generation - File Based

First generation tools are file based which means that they store changes to individual files in file archives. They often support check-out/check-in model. For each version the actual content together with meta data (attributes as user name, comments, date, etc.) are stored.

First file based tools were public domain SCCS and RCS.

Second Generation - Project Repository Based

Second generation tools store all project and file meta data in a database (repository) that is separate from their file archives. The contents of modules (file level) is separated from the project level. This results in better support for parallel development and team coordination, and provides the necessary infrastructure to implement process management.

Third Generation - File transparency Based

This generation of tools add "file transparency" while retaining the benefits of a project repository.

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