An approach to building a software system configuration using heuristic knowledge

Authors: M. Bieliková and P. Návrat

Reference: In D. Karpic and V.H. Dobric, editors, Proc. of the 17th International Conference on Information Technology Interfaces ITI'95, pages 575-580, Pula, June, 1995.


  1. Introduction
  2. The method
    • Model of a software system
    • The process of building a configuration
  3. Experiments
  4. Conclusion

Abstract: The paper describes original research in the area of software configuration management. We assume a software system consists from versions of two kinds: variants and revisions. Our approach is based on defining a suitable model of the software system, formulating requirements for a configuration to be built, and finally building a configuration. The requirements are in fact conditions which constrain the solution. To build a configuration requires search in the model represented as A/O graph. We work with generic configurations which represent solution on a level of variants, and then with bound configurations which represent solution on a level of revisions. We proposed a method to build a configuration which uses heuristic knowledge and implemented it in Prolog. Our experiments show such a method performs better than without supporting knowledge.

Keywords: software system configuration, heuristic knowledge, version control.

PDF version (110K file, 6 pages) together with a GZ version (46K file) is available.

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