Towards Variability Modelling for Reuse in Hypermedia Engineering

Authors: P. Dolog and M. Bieliková.

Reference: In Proc. of Int. Conference on Advances in Databases and Information Systems - ADBIS 2002. Yannis Manolopoulos and Pavol Návrat (Eds.), Springer Verlag, LNCS 2435, Bratislava, Slovakia, September 8-11, 2002, pp. 388-400.

Abstract: In this paper we discuss variability modelling for hypermedia applications. Inspired by domain engineering, we propose a domain engineering based method for hypermedia development. Since several adaptive hypermedia become more and more popular to incorporate different information views for different audience or environments, we believe that it is important to move variability capturing to modelling phases. Several established modelling views of hypermedia application are discussed from the variability point of view. We also explain modelling techniques by means of examples for the application domain view, the navigation view, the presentation view and discuss importance of the user/environment view for parametrisation of components.

PDF version (376K file, 13 pages) is available.

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