Web-Based Environment using Adapted Sequences of Programming Exercises

Authors: R. Kostelník and M. Bieliková.

Reference: In Proc. of Information Systems Implementation and Modelling - ISIM 2003. M. Beneš (Ed.). MARQ Ostrava, ISBN 80-85988-84-4, Brno, April 28-30, pp.33-40.

Abstract: Adaptive hypermedia (AH) educational systems aim at improving self-learning of individuals. Although the research in this area is very active, only little work is done in the area of educational knowledge representation and their use in various domains. In this paper we present the ALEA (Adaptive LEArning) system, which is a web-based environment targeted on support of learning programming languages using adapted sequences of programming exercises. We describe the design of the ALEA, its architecture and the method of adaptation. The main focus is on design of adaptive behavior, which includes strategy, concept and fragment selection and presentation adaptation. We compare our approach to the existing adaptive hypermedia systems or models.

PDF version (269K file, 8 pages) is available.

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