SOFSEM 2002 Student Research Forum

Table of Contents


Preface & Organization
How to Distribute LTL Model-Checking Using Decomposition of Negative Claim Automaton
Jiri Barnat
Learning Restarting Automata byGenetic Algorithms
Petr Hoffmann
Information Quantities and Possibility Measures
Tomas Kroupa
Oraculum, a System for Complex Linguistic Queries
Vladimir Ljubopytnov, Petr Nemec, Michaela Pilatova, Jakub Reschke, and Jan Stuchl
PreDiaG: A Tool for the Generation of Predicate Diagrams
Cecilia E. Nugraheni
OBDD in Symbolic Model Checking
Vojtech Rehak
SGCCS: A Graphical Language for Real-Time Systems - BEST PAPER AWARD
David Safranek
Limited Assignment Number Search Algorithm
Kamil Vermirovsky and Hana Rudova
An Intelligent Firewall to Detect Novel Attacks
InSeon Yoo and Ulrich Ultes-Nitsche

Best paper was awarded by Czechoslovak Chapter of the IEEE Computer Society.